A History of Union, New Hampshire (USA)



Louis E. Tibbetts


When my family and I returned to our home in Union, after spending nine months in Sarasota, Florida, we found many changes in the Village. Several people had passed away, some had sold their homes and moved to new locations, and new families had taken their places. As I met new faces while walking to the Post Office or store, I wondered where they lived and what their names might be. This brought to mind the fact that it would be interesting to list all of the houses in Union and to try to find out the names of the many families who had dwelt there since their beginning. The idea grew in my mind, until I started conversations with various older natives regarding the early history of Union. This became more interesting than I had ever thought, so my work intensified and I decided to put together some kind of a History of the town which I had grown to love during my many years of living and working here. Owning a country store for nearly 30 years had given me the opportunity to meet many people from various walks of life and to hear most interesting stories told by the customers. It was, and still is, a practice of mine to "jot down" interesting facts as I hear them for later reference. I have gathered my information from old records, old histories, maps, and even tombstones. The first settlers came to Union in 1775, and most of the early history went with them, as very little was written down or recorded. However, the bits and pieces which have been found assure me that the Village of Union has a history worth putting together for the generations to follow.

It is my hope that much information and some entertainment will come from the following history; if so, then my effort will not have been in vain.

Louis E. Tibbetts
Early 1980s
Union, New Hampshire

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