A History of Union, New Hampshire (USA)



Louis E. Tibbetts


This history was based on a main draft written by my father, Louis Tibbetts in 1972-4, along with copious additional notes he made from throughout the 1970s and 1980s. Some additional information was added as available, from various sources, to attempt to bridge the transition from the early 1970s to the early 1990s during the final compilation process. I also generated maps (which, given the changes of the last 10 years, need to be updated again!)

In 2000, the printed version was converted to this web-based version. Not all the features have made the transition completely (e.g., the index is still woefully incomplete and not all the pictures have made it online.) However, some additional information, corrections and pictures HAVE made it into this version.

I would like to thank the various people who have read the history on the web, and contacted me with additional information, corrections and pictures. These include Gene Andes, Peter and Glory Dalton, Rob Jackson and Sheldon Holmes. I welcome any additional feedback and contributions to the history (see the contact page to get in touch with me.)

Thanks again to all - Tim Tibbetts.

For those seeking additional information about Union and the area's history and inhabitants, the following books are helpful:

Wakefield and Brookfield - Images of America, Wakefield-Brookfield Historical Society, 2006, Arcadia Publishing, ISBN: 0-7385-4479-5.

Our Yesterdays, Carolyn D. Chase with John E. Bowker and Ann Bailey Pinkham, Queen's Bay Publishing, 1999.

Vital Records of Wakefield, New Hampshire 1887-1998, Richard P. Roberts, Heritage Books, Inc., 1999, ISBN: 0-7884-1411-9.

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